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The release of 5 mobile applications by Farzan Institute at App Store in the last month.


In the last month, 5 of the institution’s mobile health applications have been launched in Cafe Bazaar app store. These applications include child development, mental health, healthy heart, diabetes and smoking cessation applications.
The features of the applications are as follows:

1. A roadmap with a series of stations to guide the user.
2. Assessment and intelligent feedback to the user
3. Remote advice to the user
4. Multimedia training and educational messages
5. Locator system to introduce health service centers to the user
6. The possibility of referral to friends
7. Providing points to the user for crossing the route of the road map

The applications can be used by Android users. iOS users can use the version that can be used in the Telegram messenger as an alternative to the above programs until the iOS applications are available. Over time, these applications and related smart programs will be unveiled.
Farzan Institute for Development of Science, Research and Technology was established in 2001 and now in the second decade of its activity, it is the source of significant services in various fields of science and technology in the country. This institution operates under the brand “Salemsa” in the field of Smart Health.

Salemsa is an integrated collection of 14 smart health software systems available on the web and on smartphones. Each system has a completely separate identity and function, but is coordinated and related to other systems. Currently, smart programs in different areas can be used to organise smart health campaigns and provide services to the public.
Governmental and non-governmental organisations can also contact the Farzan Institute to run smart health campaigns for their employees and monitor their health.

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