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The qualification of the Farzan Institute for Health Education has been approved by the Iranian Program and Budget Organisation.

In addition to the renewal of the Institute’s license, the qualification of Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology Development for the in-service training of government employees in the field of health was once again approved by the Iranian Program and Budget Organization.
Since 2013, Farzan Institute has been licensed to train government employees in the field of health. So far, this institution has organised training courses for thousands of government employees. A large part of this training courses is organised as electronic training. To date, more than 130,000 people have participated in the Institute’s e-learning courses, and hundreds of thousands of health education CDs have been published and made available to users. Based on this, hundreds of thousands of people – courses and millions of hours of training can be seen in the educational record of this institution.

Farzan Institute announces its readiness to cooperate with the government and public institutions in holding in-service training courses for employees in the field of health, as well as in holding smart health campaigns with the aim of educating and improving the health of employees.
These campaigns, based on the institute’s intelligent health systems, will be held under the name of Salemsa, and employees will be able to use various programmes via the web, mobile application or mobile messenger (Telegram) to improve health levels, optimise the working environment and increase profits.

Health courses and campaigns include healthy heart, diabetes, healthy mind (stress, anxiety and depression), smoking cessation, weight loss and obesity, and physical activity.

Government, public and private organisations and institutions can contact Farzan Institute for employee health courses and programs.

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