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The multimedia and online training content of “Every House is a Health Centre”, including 22 training courses, was presented.


“Multimedia training courses of every house is a health base” is a set of 22 training courses, consisting of 100 hours, online in the form of multimedia training courses, short training videos and special tests for each course. s The target group is family health ambassadors. This program has been approved by the Ministry of Health and is used by medical universities in the country.
The family health ambassador is a member of the family, preferably a woman, married and over 18 years of age, with minimal education and influence over other family members. He is also in charge of transferring the contents to other members of his family.
By participating in face-to-face and virtual training courses in three areas, family health ambassadors assume the responsibility of active participation.
in taking care of their own and family’s health in order to achieve the following goals:

1. Empowering family health ambassadors and health volunteers to promote health and prevent diseases
2. Empowering family health ambassadors and health volunteers to perform basic treatments
3. Empowering family health ambassadors and health volunteers for rehabilitation

Health is the right of all people. People can achieve all dimensions of their health when they are aware of it and play their role in achieving health goals. “Every house is a health base” program by improving the health literacy of the community, increases the ability of people to take care of their health in the three general areas including: health promotion and prevention, primary treatment and rehabilitation. Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology Development as a knowledge-based company is approved by the Vice President of Science and Technology. The competence of this institution in the field of general health education has been approved by the Iranian Program and Budget Organization. This institution is also a digital publisher approved by the Iranian Ministry of Culture. The content of this program has been approved by the Ministry of Health. These multimedia courses are offered through the “Farasa: Electronic learning and Assessment” website.
Introduction of courses

The list of multimedia training courses are:

1- Health Promotion & Prevention

• Self-care in depression
• Healthy aging
• Physical activity
• Reducing the consumption of sugar, salt and fat
• Avoid smoking and hookah
• Oral health
• Household preparedness against disasters
• Correct sitting method
• Guide to living with Covid-19


2-Primitive treatments

• Asking for help from emergency 115
• Burns
• Falls and traumas
• Control of external bleeding
• Carbon monoxide poisoning
• Chest pain
• CPR with hands only
• Sudden headache
• diarrhea and vomiting


• Prevention of musculoskeletal problems
• Spinal cord lesions
• Diabetic foot care
• Preventing the elderly from falling

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