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Attendance of Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology at the First International Digital Health Event (THL)

Farzan Institute attended at the first international digital health event by presenting its products and services in the field of smart health. In this event that was held by attending startup managers as well as a group of governmental managers, Farzan Institute introduced a collection of software called “Salemsa: Smart Health”. Moreover, for the first time, Farzan Institute unveiled an application of “Healthy Heart” and a smart roadmap for cardiovascular risk assessment.

The first event of international THL was held by Iran University of Medical Sciences on Sunday August 17 at Razi conference hall, focusing on non-oil exports at digital health industry.

During the 1-day event, the business unit managers, startup managers, governmental managers including some managers from Ministry of Health, Deputy of Science and Technology of President Office, Iran University of Medical Sciences and almost 60 exhibitors of digital health startups were present. During the event, Mr. Seyed Sajad Moraveji, Deputy of Electronic Health Development from the Science and Technology Department of the President Office, and Dr. Hossein Vatanpour, the Head of the Office of Health Technology Development at the Ministry of Health, visited the Farzan Institute booth.

The Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology has been established on year 2001 and now in the second decade of its operation, is recognized as the source of great services in various fields of science and technology in the country. This institute works in the field of Smart Health with its special brand that is called “Salamsa”.

Salemsa is an integrated collection of 4 smart health software systems that is presented on the web and smartphone platforms. Each system has a completely separated identity and functionality, but is fully synchronized and linked to other systems. Smart apps are now being offered in the areas of diabetes, cardiovascular health, mental health, family health, child development, physical activity and smoking cessation, that can be used for running smart health campaigns and providing services to the general public. The governmental and non-governmental organizations can contact Farzan Institute to conduct smart health campaigns for their employees and monitor their health dynamically.

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