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The Fitasa application was approved by the Ministry of Health and was introduced to medical universities for use.


According to current estimates, around 60% of people are sedentary. The Non-Communicable Diseases Control Centre of the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education has introduced the mobile application “Fitasa: Physical Activity and Smart Fitness” to medical universities for introduction and use by the general public.
Based on this, Fitasa will be introduced to the public by the universities of medical sciences. Now, the universities of medical sciences have also introduced this app to the institutions in their provinces, including governorates and municipalities.
The Fitasa mobile application, which was designed and released after two years of continuous work with the efforts of Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology Development, is now available and usable for Android mobile users through Cafe Bazaar. The iOS version of this app will be released later.
This app has several practical features and facilities. The Fitasa app includes a “comprehensive physical activity and fitness roadmap program”, which was prepared under the supervision and cooperation of the Ministry of Health. In this roadmap, users virtually travel through stations. The results obtained at each station determine the continuation of the journey.
This programme contains hundreds of educational, motivational and informative questions and messages, dozens of models of credits and medals, a multimedia educational program and a large number of films and animations.
The Fitasa mobile application is available free of charge. Those interested can get the link to download the app by sending 100 to 1000654.
It is hoped that these measures will lead to an improvement in people’s physical activity.

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