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Approval of Farzan Institute as a knowledge-based ‘export’ company by the Vice President for Science and Technology.

Following the evaluation and audit conducted by the Presidential Science and Technology Deputy, the Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology Development was confirmed as an ‘Export-Based Knowledge Company’ in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The institute is particularly active in the field of smart health and clinical research.
Last year, the qualification of Farzan Institute as a “Knowledge-Based Industrial Production Company” was approved by the Vice President of Science and Technology.
During the period of its activity, Farzan Institute had extensive international cooperation with European, American, Asian and African parties. This included the signing of more than 30 international agreements and memorandums of understanding, and the implementation of joint clinical and epidemiological projects.
Farzan institute also managed to obtain a grant of 75,000 dollars from an international organisation in the field of cervical cancer vaccine, which unfortunately could not be implemented due to sanctions.
Now and in the second decade of the Institute’s activities, it is hoped that with the approval of the qualification and the support of the President’s Vice President for Science and Technology for knowledge-based companies, the field for export activities of the Farzan Institute and other knowledge-based companies will be better than before. Farzan Institute for Development of Science, Research and Technology was established in 2001 and during its 18 years of activity it has been the source of significant services in various fields of science and technology at national and international levels.

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