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Launch of the new version of the “Hooma: Smart Health Care” system for registration and management of health information

“Hooma; “Intelligent health care” including new and innovative advanced facilities was unveiled. This system is one of the set of digital health software systems that is offered by Farzan Institute under the brand “Salemsa: Smart Health” and it consists of 14 software systems and 7 mobile applications. So far, tens of thousands of people have entered their data in this system.
Hooma is a smart and powerful system for designing and implementing health care programs for the general public and patients in various subjects. The main structure of the system is the questions and questionnaires that are answered by the user, and as a result, an integrated evaluation system is formed that records and analyzes the information, by providing intelligent feedback, it leads the person towards improving health and Prevention leads at different levels.

In the latest version of this system, innovative and new features have been added to it. Among these new facilities, the following can be mentioned:
• The facilities of sending messages, questions and road map stations through mobile messenger
• The facilities of sending messages, questions and road map stations through the mobile application
• Support for all kinds of emojis and multimedia in the form of video, photo, etc.
• Operation of the mobile application based on the center and topic and sending notifications
• The ability to define Telegram bots in the system dynamically and separately for each health roadmap
• Coordination of user data and the possibility of moving in the road map between Telegram bot, mobile application and web
• The possibility of activating road map stations based on time, date and formula
• Send a message informing the user of the activation of a station
• Ability to send a reminder message to complete a station
• Ability to display the remaining time to complete a station
• Send messages using formulas
• Loading the road map using Excel

The applications of “Hooma” include the implementation of various health care programs, health assessment and disease screening, scoring and patient risk analysis, implementation of research projects with research output, creation of treatment and care groups in each center, counseling and support for universities of medical sciences and healthcare centers and networks for the design and implementation of care programs, etc.
Farzan Institute for Development of Science, Research and Technology was established in 2001 and now in the second decade of its activity, it is the source of significant services in various fields of science and technology in the country. This institution operates under the brand “Salemsa” in the field of Smart Health.

Salemsa is an integrated collection of 14 smart health software systems that are provided on the web and on smartphones. Each system has a completely separate identity and function, and at the same time, it is coordinated and related to other systems. Currently, smart programs are provided in the fields of diabetes, healthy heart, mental health, family health, child development, physical activity, and smoking cessation, and can be used to organize smart health campaigns and provide services to the public.
Governmental and non-governmental organizations can contact Farzan Institute to conduct smart health campaigns for their employees and monitor their health.

Earlier, Farzan Institute presented “Fradata: Clinical Data Management System” as a standard system for information management in clinical trials.

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