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The Online Diabetes Care Course Was Held to Train the Physicians at Isfahan and Qazvin Universities of Medical Sciences

A 40-hour online Diabetes Care Course was held to train 240 general practitioners at Isfahan province and also 169 physicians at Qazvin University of Medical Sciences. The aim of this educational course was to provide better understanding about the disease and also implementing effective up-to-date treatments for prevention and management of diabetes and its complications according to the latest medical achievements and guidelines published on 2016. This course was planned and executed under supervision of the Center for Non-Communicable Disease at Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education. The course was implemented in online format based on the interactive multi–media platform that is called Farasa Electronic Training and Assessment System. Previously, a Memorandum of Understanding had been signed between the Center for Non- Communicable Disease and the Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology in order to hold the course. It should be noted that in addition to the main educational content, this course also contains interactive media flashes of clinical guidelines, case studies, educational videos on physical examination, educational webinars with attending endocrinologists, pre-tests and final exams. In addition, it includes an association for sharing successful and unsuccessful experiences, educational and motivational messages as well as SMS based competitions. At the webinar, participants have the opportunity to ask their questions from the attending professor and to receive the answers via voice and video based platforms. The course has in-service score for the staff; and those who successfully complete the course, will receive a certificate from the Ministry of Health and Center for Non-Communicable Diseases and are allowed to establish a diabetes clinic. The design and method of executing this instructional course is unique due to rapid educational planning and rich multi-media contents that indicates the high ability of the producer and executive manager of Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology – The Farasa Electronic Training and Assessment System. Farzan Institute is ready to collaborate with physicians and health care centers across the country to provide this course and further smart services.

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