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The Nutrition Campaign was implemented by collaboration of Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology

The Nutrition Campaign was implemented by the North Tehran Health Center in collaboration with Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology, the Municipality of 7th district of Tehran and other internal and external organizations on Tuesday and Wednesday (4-5 January 2017). The staff were settled at two buses at 4th, 7th and 8th districts of Tehran and started providing free consultation to the referring people about healthy nutrition. They also subscribed the clients in the Smart Diabetes Roadmap System (one of the smart Salamsa systems) and checked their blood pressure free of charge. According to public relation report of Farzan Institute, during the two days of this event, expert teams in the campaign, introduced the Smart Diabetes Roadmap to the clients with focusing on diabetes prevention in healthy people and also preventing complications in diabetic patients. In the two days of running the nutritional campaign, more than one hundred of citizens referred to the buses and received cards for entering into the system for free. The map of diabetes was a gamified collection of preventive measures including training, consulting, mobile application, membership in supportive networks, webinars, sessions for live question and answer, message packages, the questionnaire and finally the smart feedbacks. One of the interesting points about this campaign was the attendance of elderly clients who were eager for participating in the smart diabetes campaign, which reflects the level of attention they pay to their health status. The Nutrition Campaign was launched in collaboration with the North Tehran Health Center, Municipality of 7th District of Tehran, and Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology, Novo Nordisk and Pharma Med Companies. It should be noted that on this year February, the Smart Diabetes Campaign formally started its activity, and in the first step, the 7th district of Tehran was covered. So far, different domestic and international institutions have declared their interest to contribute in the invaluable campaign.

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