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Opening and unveiling of the Iranian Disease Reporting System (IRDR)

A disease reporting system was unveiled by the managers and experts of the University of Medical Sciences, the North Health Center and the Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology. The aim of this system was reporting diseases; so it was called the Iranian Disease Reporting System (IRDR) that enables the physicians and other HCPs to record a disease and report it to the competent authorities, especially the health center and medical university. Some features of this system include smart algorithms for reporting patient data; displaying real time status of 23 diseases on the map; tracking patients and recording the follow up results; reporting patient data by robot, cellphone or via website; a location-based services using the geographic information systems (GIS); business intelligence (BI) systems and finally mobile messenger systems. Currently, this service is only available at the North Tehran Health Center. Medical Universities and Health Centers can contact us to be provided by this system.

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