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News: Dr. Gholamreza Habibi, CEO of Farzan Institute, in live television program of News Channel

Dr. Gholamreza Habibi, CEO of Farzan Clinical Research Institute and top national entrepreneur, attended the live morning news feed of the National News Channel at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 29 to present the achievements of Farzan Institute for Advancement of Science, Research and Technology, discuss the issue of entrepreneurship in Iran, and answer the questions of the callers.

Dr. Habibi referred to the achievements of Farzan Institute and stated, “The institute has founded the first scientific writing center in Iran, and has so far managed to publish over 390 articles in prestigious international journals”. He also mentioned the establishment of the first Iranian clinical research organization (CRO) and added, “This organization is responsible for pharmaceutical research projects and has exported specialized services worldwide through more than 30 contracts and agreements on an international level. Also, the organization supports the ideas of Iranian researchers in the field of pharmaceutical research”.

The CEO of Farzan Institute stated, “The institute supports the knowledge-based entrepreneurs in pharmaceutical fields and is ready to share its experiences with those eager to trod on this path”.

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