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National Corporations Festival

Dr. Gholamreza Habibi, top national entrepreneur and CEO of Farzan Institute for Advancement of Science, Research and Technology, was acknowledged as the top manager in the National Corporations Festival and received a certificate of honors and the conference’s statuette.

The conference was held on October 5, 2012 in the Conference Hall of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting. The conference abstract booklet offered a report of Farzan Institute’s activities.

The report mentions 30 international contracts and agreements signed by the institutes, publication of 390 articles in international journals, selection of Farzan Institute as top entrepreneur of Tehran province as well as the national competitions in 2011, and receiving the innovation award at the national convention of innovation pioneers in 2012. It has also been mentioned that the institute’s publications in the field of scientometry enjoy international appreciation.

In addition, Dr. Gholamreza Habibi, founder and CEO of the institute, was introduced and acknowledged. Furthermore, his executive and scientific resume (including his awards as author, researcher, and youth) was punctuated and his speech, as the top national entrepreneur, in the present of the Supreme Leader and Iranian economical activists was mentioned.

In this conference, in addition to Farzan Institute, other organizations including Post Bank Iran, Housing Corporation of Medical Council Members, Social Security Organization, and Corporation of Educational Services for Employees of the Evaluation Organization, were acknowledged.
Alongside the conference, channels of the Iranian national broadcasting company conducted televised interviews with Dr. Gholamreza Habibi as CEO of the institute and representative of entrepreneurs in the High Council of Employment.

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