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Joining of More Than One Thousand People in The Smart Alzheimer Campaign during The First Three Days of Event

More than one thousand people joined the Smart Alzheimer Campaign it three days after launch. According to the report of public relation of Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology, the Smart Alzheimer Campaign celebrates the World Alzheimer Day on September 21, to inform the public about prevention and early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease in collaboration with the health department of social and cultural affairs of the 6th district of Tehran Municipality. One of the procedures that is ongoing in this campaign, is responding to the questionnaire with smart feedback in Huma system; a Smart Health Care System. A part of this questionnaires is about the risk assessment that determines the necessity of medical follow-up and referral to the physician based on the participants’ answers. There is also another questionnaire that is for assessment of early symptoms of memory impairment (Alzheimer) in lderly people, which are answered separately by their clients. In the first three days of the campaign, one thousand people answered the questionnaires and signed up to the system. Moreover, the municipal health houses in 6th district also joined to the campaign and installed posters at 14 health houses to provide information to those who refer to this campaign. The clients who are interested for participating in the campaign, can send number 2 SMS system to 1000654 and visit the website in order to respond the risk assessment questionnaire and to register at Huma Smart Health Care System, and to receive smart feedback. Those who registered in the campaign can receive the latest information and findings about this disease, its prevention, risk factors, control and management strategies via daily messaging through the social networks, including a telegram channel ( and Instagram page (Salemsa_Club).

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