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Introducing Farzan Institute Achievements in Smart Health Services at Women’s and Family Health Congress

Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology presented its achievements in smart health by taking a booth next to the second congress of Women’s and Family Health. This Congress was held by the Iranian Association of Midwifery and with the presence of 2000 people on 1-3 August this year in the conference hall of Tehran’s Milad Tower. The conference was held based on 14 topics in the field of women and family health with the participation of high-ranking officials and influential policy-makers and authorities of different sections as well. Also, the gynecologists, midwives, social medicine experts, family physicians, general practitioners and other interested parties were attended. In this congress, several panels and educational workshops relevant to the topics were held in the subsidiary halls. Farzan Institute attended this congress by presenting its diverse products and services in the field of smart health and especially in the field of family health. These include smart programs for health promotion (smart roadmaps), CDs and online training programs and a gadget. The Online training programs and the CD include Young Couples Preparing for Pregnancy and Ni Ni Sa: monitoring child development that were welcomed by the visitors. These trainings include multimedia and interactive educational content. In the section of smart roadmaps, the sexual health roadmap and monitoring child development roadmap were among the presented services. During these two roadmaps, the user walks through the stations step by step and based on each map’s subject, can learn from training, counseling, evaluation and smart feedback, personalized messages, group memberships and social networks, mobile application and referral to a physician and consultant for in-person referrals through the location Finder. The Farzan Institute of Science, Research and Technology has been established on year 2001 and now in the second decade of its operation, is recognized as the source of great services in various fields of science and technology in the country. This institute works in the field of Smart Health with its special brand that is called “Salamsa”. Salem Sa is an integrated collection of 4 smart health software systems that is presented on the web and smartphone platforms. Each system has a completely separated identity and functionality, but is fully synchronized and linked to other systems. Smart apps are now being offered in the areas of diabetes, cardiovascular health, mental health, family health, child development, physical activity and smoking cessation, and can be used for running smart health campaigns and providing services to the general public. The governmental and non-governmental organizations can contact Farzan Institute to conduct smart health campaigns for their employees and monitor their health dynamically.

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