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Faradata: System for online management of clinical information

In order to provide data management services, Farzan Institute has developed and provided the system for management of clinical information – Faradata. The online electronic system started functioning in 2009 and currently hosts numerous research projects. Faradata constitutes the first system of electronic and online management of clinical data with web-based software for electronic data capture (EDC) and information management in epidemiologic and clinical studies. It has been technically approved by the Iranian high council of informatics and holds the certificate of software patent from the information technology center at Ministry of Culture.



The software of Faradate is designed for bilingual use in English and Persian. One of the most important features of Faradata is its web-based nature with a special design to support patient documentation in different conditions and with a flexible and modifiable structure.

Faradata is designed with international standards with a high capability for data sharing, enabling data sharing among different centers as well as data publication on regional and national levels. The modular and highly flexible structure is an important feature of the software, as it makes it possible to modify the structure of databases and electronic questionnaires easily and rapidly based on the needs of each center or geographical region.

Faradata also provides the ability for users to change the appearance of the software to match it with their desire.

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