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Awarding the Medal of Supporting National Production to CEO of Farzan Institute in the Festival of Iranian Products

In the year labeled National Production and Support of Iranian Labor and Capital, the products of the institute in the domain of information technology (especially Faradata clinical Data Management Platform and Farasa – system of electronic education and evaluation) were presented in the festival of Iranian product and Dr. Gholamreza Habibi was acknowledged as the top national entrepreneur and CEO of Farzan Institute for Science, Research and Technology and awarded the medal of supporting national product.

“Festival of Iranian product: Universal technology and standards” was held to appreciate the companies and corporations active in producing Iranian products. A medal of supporting national product with a certificate of honors was awarded to the selected individuals in the festival. The festival of Iranian product was held in October 2012 in the conference hall of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting corporation.

A review of the institute’s background was published in the booklet of the conference. The report introduced the products and services of the institute, its rank as top entrepreneur of Tehran province as well the top national entrepreneur, the top entrepreneur selected by the university of economical studies in 2011, and reception of the statuette of innovation in the national conference of innovation pioneers, and selection by the national conference of corporations in 2012.

Part of the report deals with the institute’s products in the field of information technology. The products include Farasa software (system of electronic education and evaluation), Faradata software (system for management of clinical data for clinical pharmaceutical studies), Faranegar software (system for management of research papers), software for Farzan research assistants (system for management of research commissions) and Faramak (system for SMS distribution).

Farasa, one of the most important products of the institute in the field of IT, encompasses over 200 educational courses with more than 15,000 users so far. The courses deal with research and technology skills, entrepreneurship, and governmental clerk educations.
The electronic newsletter of Farzan for research and technology is another product in the field of information technology. The institute has received confirmation letters from the computer guild, high council of informatics, and center for development of information technology and digital media at the Ministry of Culture.

In this festival, the efforts of Dr. Gholamreza Habibi were acknowledged with a medal of supporting national product.

In addition to Farzan Institute, the festival appreciated with institutes including Mahan institute for higher education, Iranian industry and mining bank, Iranmehr manufacturing-mining group, Tak Parsian pioneer industries, Nargostar chemical industries, Chandlamsi corporation for development of communications, Sapna Co., Sepad Khorasan manufacturing and service complex, among others.

Alongside the conference, the Iranian national broadcasting corporation conducted an interview with the CEO of the institute and the representative of entrepreneurs in the high council of employment on the occasion of his receiving the medal of supporting national product.

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